NorCom big data solutions feel particularly comfortable in the development departments of large companies. Wherever many disciplines around the world work together with large, complex data, our products reach their full potential.

DaSense manages complex, heterogeneous, semi-structured & highly proprietary data for companies. It supports fast, comfortable, proactive and forward-looking knowledge acquisition from large amounts of data. The innovative big data software solution integrates state-of-the-art big data technology while meeting the (security) requirements of large companies.

An outstanding feature of DaSense, working with globally distributed data, has been applied as a patent by NorCom (patent pending).

EAGLE is a knowledge- and assistanced-based communication platform and guarantees the highest quality and efficient filing, administration and administration of documents in global development teams. EAGLE is an effective platform for collaborative development and editing of closed-team and open-team documents. Based on Natural Language Programming (NLP), EAGLE users are supported by intelligent wizards to help optimize work processes and content.



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