Die führende Big-Data Plattform

zur team-übergreifenden Zusammenarbeit

und KI-gestütztem Wissensmanagement.

+++ Home Office with EAGLE +++ EAGLE License for free! +++

> Companies receive a free EAGLE license for 2020

> EAGLE installed and ready for use by NorCom in the data center within three days.

EAGLE as an efficient extension of existing home office solutions

Home office solutions can be easily expanded and improved with EAGLE. For this purpose, EAGLE is added to the solution currently used in the company.

The connection of EAGLE will be offered by NorCom free of charge until the end of 2020!

Installation for your company within 3 days!

Accustomed views and work processes for the employees remain - however, additional functions can be used via EAGLE:

  • Quickly, securely browse, open, edit and share files

  • File preview and project-specific file storage

  • Auto suggestion and correction

  • Low-threshold, motivating exchange in the team

  • Advanced search and preview options

  • Maximum security in data transmission and authenticatio

  • Integrated analysis modules

  • Document lifecycle automation

  • AI methods, including Information extraction, image-to-text conversion


The four blocks of EAGLE:

Learn, Create, Govern, Collaborate


Comprehensive knowledge management

Intelligent filters, tailored to the personal workplace, support the search processes. Results are presented clearly and appealingly in interactive elements. ML & DL methods enable developments to be read, relationships to be identified and trends to be anticipated.


"Augmented" work


The system actively contributes to the creation of documents, checks formulations and correct contents and can, for example, automatically "translate" data to be inserted into text form. It supports versioning and automatically classifies according to company guidelines.


Legal data life cycle management


EAGLE protects sensitive data through security classes for confidentiality levels and treats them according to a strictly integrated role and rights system. The document history is auditable, existing PKI systems can be integrated and compliance regulations are followed within the system.


Networking (worldwide) teams


EAGLE promotes exchange and agile cooperation. Project teams can organize themselves bureaucratically in work rooms, edit documents at the same time, add comments and subscribe to news or content from colleagues.

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