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EAGLE is a knowledge- and assistanced-based communication platform and guarantees the highest quality and efficient filing, administration and administration of documents in global development teams. EAGLE is an effective platform for collaborative development and editing of closed-team and open-team documents. Based on Natural Language Programming (NLP), EAGLE users are supported by intelligent wizards to help optimize work processes and content.

1. EAGLE App

EAGLE is an app developed by NorCom on the basis of NDOS, the central "Big Data Intelligence".  

In EAGLE, famous and proven technologies are united and made accessible to large companies:

> An intelligent search engine technology like Google

> Data analysis and artificial intelligence when working with documents such as amazon

> Low-level sharing of documents in the team as Dropbox offers it

> The personal, direct exchange of employees such as facebook

> All this at the highest, reliable security level required by companies


EAGLE = Intelligent big data technology,

professional, practical applicability

according to the highest safety standards.

2. What is EAGLE doing?


EAGLE finds documents quickly, intelligently and clearly structured.



> High Speed ​​Search

> Metadata search

> Suggestion based on Artificial Intelligence


EAGLE keeps documents up to date - automatic, transparent and secure.



> Real Time Editing




EAGLE provides central but personal storage and automatically marks documents.


> Automatic tagging



Secure, efficient and structured exchange of documents with EAGLE.



> World wide collaboration

> Secure exchange withing enterprise


3. Facets for context-based work

Individual classification for context-based work of each individual.

EAGLE enables complex graph-based structures for the organization of documents - for example with facets:  

Facets are maintained by departments and stored in the form of a context. This simplifies the filing and search on. Each employee receives his own facet and thus his personal profile.


The classification of documents is based on KSU documentation classes.  


Everyone sees and finds what they personally need for their work: fast, intuitive and correct.