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DaSense manages complex, heterogeneous, semi-structured & highly proprietary data for companies. It supports fast, comfortable, proactive and forward-looking knowledge acquisition from large amounts of data. The innovative big data software solution integrates state-of-the-art big data technology while meeting the (security) requirements of large companies.

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1. DaSense in Automotive

1. Car generates data via many different sensors:

Camera / Vision, Infrared / Thermal, Far Area & Mid Range Radar, Lidar. These data are generated in various file formats and can quickly reach petabyte size.

2. These data come together in DaSense:


  • can read all automotive file formats  

  • allows the processing of large amounts of data without time delay     

  • guarantees data security and access management according to roles and rights

2. Apps in DaSense

Control via apps

Any apps can be installed on DaSense that allow frequent queries at the touch of a button.  These apps can be programmed by NorCom, by other service providers, or by the company itself for individual purposes.


Typical apps are:     

  • Search in events    

  • Linking of specific events     

  • Visualization of data     

  • Image recognition etc.


With the app engine, users can even link multiple apps and run them automatically.

3. Analysis of globally distributed data

Move the algorithm, not the data!

1. The user can analyze all relevant data without delay - no matter where they are.  


2. The vehicles collecting data worldwide can store their data for adhoc analysis on the local cluster.


3. DaSense takes care of making data available worldwide without wasting time - without the user having to worry about the location of the data.  


DaSense does not spend a lot of time moving the data to the user, the user sends the algorithm to the data and only gets back the relevant results. This outstanding feature of DaSense, working with globally distributed data, has been patented by NorCom (patent pending).