NorCom and AVL are the first companies to offer software solutions for the new ASAM ODS standard


NorCom Information Technology GmbH & CO. KGaA and AVL List GmbH are the first companies to support the new ASAM ODS 6.1.0 standard with their product portfolio. ASAM ODS 6.1.0 bridges the gap between Open Data Services (ODS) and modern big data analysis. As members of the ASAM group, both companies were significantly involved in the specification of the new standard and provided important foundations for the format.


NorCom and AVL can easily integrate their individual solutions into any customer environment. By adhering to and supporting the new ASAM ODS standard, these solutions are future-proof and support engineers in dealing with complex problems using modern big data platforms. The comprehensive solution suite covers on-premise environments as well as

public clouds with out of the box support for many Hadoop distributions and cloud services such as Databricks.


In addition to DaSense, which already integrates the new standard, NorCom decided to offer companies dedicated libraries, to implement the technology:


•  ASAM ODS Connector & Analytics INGEST (Ingest of MDF- / ATFX-Files)

•  ASAM ODS Connector & Analytics ANALYZE (Time series, objects and analytics) 

•  ASAM ODS Connector & Analytics EGRESS (Export of retrieved data search result snippets to MDF)


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