NorCom seeks to further diversify the portfolio


NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA has expanded its software product EAGLE with central functionalities in order to make it more attractive for large companies, irrespective of the sector.

The focus of the expansion is on the legally compliant implementation of legal requirements for companies by means of the technical support of EAGLE: in the future, companies should be able to map their information governance guidelines with EAGLE and implement them automatically. Also, with EAGLE central components of the e-discovery process can be processed legally secure. The existing comprehensive knowledge management and collaboration functions of the software are integrated and retained.


Planned diversification reflects market needs

The planned strategic expansion of EAGLE with legal functionalities is based on the current needs of the market.


"The requirements placed on companies by external review bodies are rising; in the event of non-compliance, drastic sanctions are threatened. Creating legal certainty in document administration has become almost vital for companies, "says Viggo Nordbakk, Managing Director of NorCom, explaining the background to product strategy. "However, implementation is complex, and legal deadlines are difficult to meet. With a version of EAGLE that combines knowledge management and collaboration with the complete, legally compliant management of documents and data, we offer companies a valuable overall package. "


NorCom is currently working closely with legal experts to define the concept for the meaningful and beneficial expansion of EAGLE.


Investor friendly eco system

EAGLE, which has been optimized for the legal concerns of companies, is creating a new product that NorCom is outsourcing to its own GmbH. The new GmbH is to go to market as an innovative start-up and offers attractive development and participation opportunities for employees and investors.