NorCom installs DaSense for Detroit Diesel Corporation

NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA installs DaSense at the Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) in Detroit. The DDC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Daimler Group, is currently conducting a selection process for a measurement data management and analytics framework and intends to test various solutions in the current test phase, including DaSense, by the end of March. If the test phase is successful, various use cases are already defined for which DaSense can then be used.


The first contact with the DDC came about as part of the Daimler Big Data Info Days in September 2018 - where NorCom presented the Big Data analysis software DaSense internally to interested parties from the Daimler Group. NorCom linked its trade show exhibition at the Automobili-D in Detroit in January with the start of the project: DaSense was installed on Microsoft Azure at the DDC to give the customer the opportunity to explore the potential of DaSense in the practical application.


NorCom also conducted on-site training and an interactive DaSense demo based on a compact subset of data. The next step is to convert all the truck fleet data provided by the DDC into the DaSense format and make it available for analysis. In close cooperation with the customer, NorCom will also create initial analysis examples such as event searches or distribution statistics, which as a starting point enable DDC's data scientists to quickly implement adjustments and their own further analyzes within DaSense (Analytics as a Service).


"With the DaSense installation at DDC, we are taking the first step in the American automotive industry. The test phase is a great opportunity for us to show just how powerful and beneficial already a slim installation of DaSense is,"says Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director at NorCom. "Goal, of course, is to decide the test phase for us and get DaSense into a productive deployment with quantifiable benefits as soon as possible at the DDC."


NorCom's DaSense technology analyzes and manages complex, heterogeneous, semi-structured, and highly proprietary data, specializing in technical features and challenges in the automotive industry. So far, the software has been used primarily in the area of ​​research and development. DaSense's scope of application covers the entire range of automakers' current and future products: editing, management and analysis of data can be performed on classic drive concepts, from hybrid and electric cars to autonomous vehicles through DaSense.